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Originally Posted by Bill Clark View Post
Hasnít been a very bad idea for me Chris.

I use RC vari contrast paper with a color head on my Omega enlarger.

There are numerous variables with photography, very few absolutes, especially with black & white photography.

If there are these variables, who is to say what is a bad idea or a good idea?

I kind of equate this photography stuff to weather forecasting here. Some say this is going to happen and, many times, it doesnít.

And Iíve been doing this for over 60 years!

It works for me.


There is a good reason for what I wrote. VC paper allows more increase in contrast than decrease. Remember that Grade 2 is standard contrast, but VC paper can go up to grade 5. It is easier to increase the contrast from a low contrast negative than it is to lower the contrast of an overdeveloped one.
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