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Users of Ilford B&W Films
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Users of Ilford B&W Films

I recently exposed a roll of Ilford Delta 100 and loaded it onto a reel. Checked the packaging (exp 6/2020) and noted that Dev time for DD-X 1:4 at 68 degrees was 12 min. Then I checked Ilford's on-line development table; lo and behold the time for the same developer, time, & dilution was 10.5 min. Sent an e-mail to Ilford Technical asking for clarification. Received an e-mail response the next morning advising me that the time was recently changed to 10.5 min and that the on-line times are the most up-to-date. He went on to add that it's taking some time for the packaging to "work its way through the system." Don't know what precipitated the change - a change in the emulsion? or the developer? Haven't developed it yet, but will use the 10.5 min time. Curious if anyone seen anything similar with other Ilford films?
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