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Here we go - 35mm film, versus APS digital. Same subject, same flash(!), just 20 years in between. Oh, the film is the more recent one!

Film vs Digital by chrism229, on Flickr
In the red corner we have an F6, 1.4/85mm, Ilford XP2 Super, Kodak HC-110, Hasselblad X1 scan, and in the blue corner a Nikon D70, and some forgotten kit lens. Both photos used the same Nikon Speedlight, though the D70 on the right side used its tiny supra-prism light as a trigger, thus providing some fill light, whilst the F6 had no such capability and the flash was hard wired and the only light available. I can't say I have learnt much this last twenty years, but there we have it. Subjects grow, but their photographers maybe do not.
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