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I haven’t seen the M39-M39 helicals, will have to look into those...

Here is the exact setup I use for all adapted lenses, the close focusing adapter is quite inexpensive but well made.

The photo below is specifically a Kipon Pentax K to Leica M adapter, attached to the Leica M to Fuji close focusing adapter

I'm now using this double adapter setup for all vintage lenses, so far I use it with the following adapters:

C/Y to Leica M
Pentax K to Leica M
Konica AR to Leica M
Nikon F to Leica M
Leica Thread Mount to Leica M (the usual LTM adapter)
Nikon RF to Leica M
And of course, Leica M which is just the close-focusing helical by itself.

(1) first adapt the lens to Leica M
(2) use a close-focusing helical adapter from Leica M to whatever your digital is, in this case Fuji, but the same concept works with Sony, and I assume Nikon/Canon.

Many vintage lenses don't have min focusing distance that is all that close, for example the Contax/Yashica 45/2.8 Tessar only focuses to 0.6m which is kinda blah for a normal focal length.

Or the Nikkor 105/2.5 F-mount early Sonnar-type, which only focuses to 1.2m

This allows every lens to focus close. Wides and normals will get closer than teles.

It should work well using the $65 Kiev helical posted above. Interestingly, Amedeo originally built his adapters with donor Kiev helicals, until he designed his own, which is a true work of art.
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