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Get an Amedeo adapter for Nikon S to Leica M (he makes two versions: the 50mm-internal mount-only version or the internal/external version) and add a close focusing helical adapter for the digital body (Leica M to Sony, for example.)

Not sure if the latter is available for the full frame Nikon/Canon mirrorless as I haven't looked.

This will allow the rangefinder lenses to focus much closer than they do on rangefinder bodies.

Good quality close focusing helical adapters can be had for as little as about $25.

There is also the Techart adapter which allows autofocus on Sony bodies, and also allows closer focusing.

Some wides may be problematic, not just with vignetting, but also color shifts and corner smearing, depending on the lens and the body. This is because such rangefinder wides generally sit much closer to the film/sensor, and the light won't hit the sensor in a telecentric manner. This isn't an issue with film but it can be with digital sensors.
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