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Fuji GX680 Finder on Makiflex Standard by Nokton48, on Flickr

This may become one of my favorite Makiflex Viewfinders! I just bought this mint one in Japan for $85. Geoff Berliner likes his on his Makiflexes so I thought I would try it too. The view is unreversed and right side up, very bright and I can see the whole 9x9cm screen very sharply. The adjustable ocular is first rate, I can't ask for anything else. It is also the perfect size to mount of the top of the makiflex, and it looks cool!

Geoff machined a pile of metal plates he uses to make tintypes, cut out the center portion, and attached the finder with velcro. I like that, but I don't have a CNC milling machine.

Right now it is attached to the camera with four thin strips of Gorilla Tape LOL. OK for now but I want a more permanent arrangement.
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