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Best Buy is where my wife and I bought our, I guess we could say T.V. But it’s much more than that. I subscribe to DirecTV and use their DVR and connect it to my Sony with HDMI. The screen we view is pretty darn sharp. I can notice even a better quality picture with some of live broadcasts like sports. It is wifi capable and we watch a few movies every once in a blue moon as we have Amazon Prime. The problem I have is falling asleep midway through a movie!

I haven’t tried the TV with any iPad or iMac yet. Maybe I will just to see how it looks.

My wifi is with Comcast.

I’m anxious to see how 5G changes all of this.

Here is a stock I own that is involved with 5G and other infrastructure:

Thought it may be of intterest with you.

Maybe Best Buy could help you with some possibilities.
Predictions are hard, especially about the future.
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