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You can get mad at what I’m going to say but I’m sticking my oar in only to offer what I see as current technology today.

I own a very large screen 4k Sony T.V. that I could use for projecting photographs if I wanted to. It is set up with my wifi and I could connect one of my Mac computers and/or iPads to show stuff on them with wifi. If I had a newer DSLR what I would buy is one that is wifi capable. No cords just simple with wifi.

When I was in business, anywhere I went to with my MacBook I could connect into their system and show stuff. I once taught a Photoshop class as a voulunteer at Edina high school and had no problem. All the pro photographers I know hooked their computer(s) into a TV for projection. Most have cut the cord and use their own wifi.

At any rate, my opinion, take it and for what you want with it, using a digital projector is kinda like looking for a good VCR.

Your choice.
Predictions are hard, especially about the future.
-Yogi Berra
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