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I got a used LG PA70G for 200 and couldn't be happier even though it's not the latest model (which presumably are even better)! My first projector...

A friend was using one to review his photos, and I was impressed by the quality of the projected images on a white-painted wall. He prints as well but says that projection gives another dimension and is different from seeing them on a computer screen - I agree.

He told me it was a mid-range LED projector, so I checked what was available on eBay and what online reviews said - and ended up with the LG. One using an LED lamp is the way to go - compared with a traditional lamp, they're quieter, run cooler, use less electricity, and the lamp lasts forever (normal lamps die quickly and are very expensive).

The LG doesn't need a computer to show photos or videos - it can use a USB drive: convenient! Talking about convenience, the LG projector is small(ish) and portable - unlike plasma screens...! I didn't get a "pico" size projector because there were too many compromises trading off image quality and size for portability.


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