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Originally Posted by Fotohuis View Post
I have used the C.V. Bessa III 667 in Ukraine war area. It can have some misuse but when you have a drop the R.F. alignment is gone. So far I am very content with the camera. It is in use since early 2009. The Heliar F/3,5-80mm is very good and enlarging from 6x7cm negatives in color and B&W is without any limitation. When using my favorite Fuji Acros 100 roll film the result is a grainless photo up to 50x60cm which is the maximum format which I can handle, normally I printing in 40x50cm fitting very well in 6x7cm size negative. Before I used the Fuji Reala 100 in C-41 color, now switched to Pro 160 NS. Also here RA-4 enlargements without limitation. Using this R.F. camera in 6x7cm and iso 100 films is like using a 4x5" L.F. camera only much easier in use and even fast handling like my Leica M7 which is my next favorite camera. In Fomapan B&W films the FP 200 Creative is my favorite film. Also here really great results. I did a full reportage in Ukraine with this film which you can use between iso 100-400. Fortunately Foto-Syndicate in Odessa has a large supply of films if the taken supply dries up. You can also develop the films overthere if necessary in a small Jobo ATL machine. A good address to remember when you are in the Black Sea area.
I used mine in Ukraine this year, too! Also, I dropped mine in Namibia, I was super worried, but everything is still great with it.
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