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Originally Posted by outfitter View Post
To this one could add the Linhof 220. The Graflex XL roll film adapters leave a lot to be desired by way of film flatness while the Koni-Omega has among the best film flatness but weighs a ton - too much for a backpacker with a bad back.
I used a Linhof 220 where I worked in the 70's. It was a beautiful camera but I found it a bit awkward and top heavy. The results were good but nothing special. Also a technician told me its was extremely comes and difficult to work on. My preference when shooting MF was my Hasselblad not the 220.

Before I considered something like this that had very limited production I'd call a Linhof repair center to see if parts are available I know parts are no longer available for some of the older geR like this.
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