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Originally Posted by Mackinaw View Post
I have the "R" version, for the original Canonflex, which, from what I read, is the same lens. The R version is very good, even wide-open. My only comment about the rangefinder version is that any 100mm lens, to me, is a stretch when used on a Canon 7/7s. Very hard to focus accurately especially when shooting wide-open and at close distances.

Jim B.
Hi Jim,

I was looking for just this information awhile ago. Truth?
I've got one (R version) with sticky diaphragm blades and was a bout to pass it on, rather than fix it ($80+ bucks by estimate) and then I started wondering, and then I saw recent eBay closing above $300.

Maybe I should bite the bullet and put it back in service; glass is in great shape.

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