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Originally Posted by Vickko View Post
Any opinions out there on the Canon 100mm f2 lens?

Thanks in advance,

I have one and love it. I used it on a Leica CL to shoot professional billiards players during high-stakes money games. Shooting 3200 ASA Konica color film (now gone, sadly), I was shooting wide open at 1/125. The CL is quiet enough and the metering with the 100mm lens was perfect. Great color, medium contrast, very sharp in the center where it counts, less so on the edges. I don't believe that I've ever shot it stopped down, but I also had a 135mm Canon lens of similar vintage and it was excellent stopped down. Outdoors it required a UV or sky 1A filter to cut down on the excess blue near the ocean.
The 100mm f/2 is not nearly as big and heavy as the early 90mm Summicron, focuses just as smoothly and is almost equal in performance. Of course, I may get slammed for saying that, so YMMV.
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