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Originally Posted by willie_901 View Post
I happen to have an immutable grudge against Microsoft.

But to compare the Microsoft to Huawei is absurd.

Huawei is under indictment by the US. Huawei illegally violated US sanctions on Iran. This article published in the Guardian contains details.
It is true no operating system and, or on-line device is 100% safe from advanced cyber spying tools used by governments. Very few individuals need to fear cyber spying because governments don't waste resources intercepting data from ordinary people.

Individuals who are not committing Federal crimes and particularly individuals who are not conducting illegal activities in concert with foreign governments have nothing to fear.


I am very fearful of the data mining that goes on. After the credit crisis somehow I was profiled and mistaken as a very elite and wealthy guy just because I bought some expensive luxury items and paid them off right away.

Somehow I received a free subscription to Forbes, just in case I wanted to buy a small Island in the Caribean or buy into a developing country.

In one year I got 4 invites to meet then Mayor Bloomberg. I only met with him once and the other three times I snubbed him. LOL. While all the other men wore suits to this event I went ghetto and wore a Hawian shirt looking like a surfer on the porch of Gracie Mansion.

I got invited to join "The Hudson Society" where I could meet with influential wealthy people and attend meetings with Generals, Heads of State, and Prime Ministers.

The Internet is not secure, and I would advise to keep a very small digital footprint.

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