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Originally Posted by airfrogusmc View Post
There is nothing faster than to be pre focused (DoF scales) and have your exposure pre set.(most auto focus lenses do not have good DoF scales) I've owned and tried most of the other stuff. I guess I am lucky that my professional photography work allows me to have whatever I need to do my job. Out of all the cameras out there I have found that Leica M is the best for me and that the type of work I do and that includes fast paced candid work and my personal work is street.
My AF Nikons have no scales.
M lenses with fast focus helical have a scale so "squished" as to be not usable. But my 75 2.0 APO
is a favorite anyway scale is 3mm each side.

Depth of field is an illusion anyway because I can certainly tell the focus plane from that which is supposed to be in focus.
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