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I would think that one only needs to look at some of the amazing images captured with smartphone cameras along with some of the less-than-impressive images captured with very impressive cameras (be they film or digital) to realize it has much more to do with the person operating the camera than the camera itself, including smartphones.

Let me come at this from a different perspective. While I enjoy using a nice camera I'll readily admit that I myself am the weakest link when it comes to my photography. Given the assignment of photographing the same event or location, a truly talented photographer using a smartphone would likely consistently capture much more compelling images than those I would obtain using my pricey Leica film camera.

I myself sometimes grow tired of the world gone mad over smartphones. But despite my personal feelings (and regardless of how some feel about them as cameras), I'll admit that they are incredibly handy devices to have at one's disposal. I just wish that people wouldn't talk on them while driving.
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