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How funny - the camera shop had an Eos 5 in there with a broken dial - hence why we didn't bother to look.

Prices have definitely risen, but it's very much the case that big make AF film cameras seem to attract less of a premium. If Minolta AF had a mount for the Rollei lenses I would have been in bargain basement territory.
Film amateur with a few rangefinders - Leica III, M2/M3, Werra 3 and Zeiss Super Ikonta 534/16 medium format.

Apart from that have a Rolleiflex 3.5F, the odd Minolta XD7, Hasselblad 500cm, a Topcon Super D and an Intrepid 5x4 large format (not the half of it but I am clearing them out, honest).

I do all my own black and white developing at home.
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