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I have been a long term Canon user and i have used the following cameras
EOS 500/n x2
EOS 1000FN
EOS 630 x2
EOS 10 and 100
EOS 5 x3
EOS 50
EOS 300 x2
EOS 3000v

I would avoid any model before the EOS 5 like the plague - Sticky shutters.

The exotic EOS 1n RS left me unimpressed. Huge and loud. Squinty and dark viewfinder. I sold it.

The EOS 50 was alright. Never tried the EOS 30 but they say it is good.

This leaves you with either the EOS 5 or the EOS 3000v. Want cheap and small - try the 3000v. The EOS 5 is my personal best - i sold the EOS 1n and kept the 5. Deadly silent - always delivered.

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