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I find the RT is an interesting and almost unique model. Lighter than the 1-NRS which I wouldn't mind in some ways but given I almost never use my current EOS models, anyway, it seems redundant to consider one. I suppose there's a certain masochistic appeal in the thought of ripping through a 36 exposure roll in less than four seconds, I think I'd like to do that just once.

Of course the pellicle mirror models do sacrifice 2/3 stop of light to the film so for low light work (Eg.gigs) they're not the ultimate model, and the finders, whilst blocks (not streets, blocks) ahead of the original Pellix, are marginally dimmer than models with a conventional mirror.

For light and reasonably inexpensive something like a 3000, 3000N and so on is very hard to beat. They have pretty good meteringfor what they are but personally the plastic lens mount was always a real turn off. But models such as the EOS 600/630 (the model the RT was based on, which uses a conventional mirror), its predecessor the 620 which has a 1/4000 shutter & 1/250 sync or an EOS-1 for still reasonable money are all cameras with a lot of abiity and solid build.

These early models all have a lot going for them but you do need to watch the curtains for signs of black goo from deteriorated shutter bumpers. Can be cleaned off at home quite effectively but if left unchecked, eventually shutter accuracy will go AWOL. Plenty of info about it on the web.
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