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Thinking of a Canon Eos film camera but need help
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Thinking of a Canon Eos film camera but need help

Some may say I'm beyond help, but here goes.

I have three gorgeous Zeiss Lenses in the Rollei QBM mount (35mm Distagon, 50mm 1.8 Planar and 85mm Sonnar), which I currently shoot with a Rolleiflex SL35. The metering in that is dead, and I prefer metered shooting with an SLR. So they rarely get used.

The QBM lenses can be converted to an EOS mount, which I think is probably sensible to do, but as a lifelong Nikon shooter I have no knowledge of the Canon EOS film range and wonder if people have a recommendation for an EOS film body which is reliable, not too big or heavy and reasonably inexpensive, plus able to focus manually easily via the viewfinder.

Help gratefully sought!
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