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Originally Posted by peterm1 View Post
I am toying with the idea of getting one for myself. I have an M8 with which I have a love / hate relationship due mainly to the very pokey viewfinder and the poor dynamic range of its sensor but am increasingly tempted by the M240 due to its substantial technical improvements.

On the outside, I particularly like its ability to mount an EVF though it looks ugly with one so mounted. But that aside, this facility would allow me to adapt and use a range of vintage MF lenses from Nikon, Canon, Zeiss etc for the pennies it usually costs for the purchase of the relevant lens mount adapters for each lens marque. Plus, I even already own the correct (Olympus branded) EVF to mount on the M 240. (Incidentally in all seriousness that EVF is pretty damn good - for example, I think it is better by far than the built in EVF on my NEX 7 and that is a later camera than the ones which normally use this EVF. I can see why Leica were happy to rebrand it and use it on their camera.

On the whole, I have to say that I think that makes great sense - to buy a $3000 AUD + camera body just because it gives me a chance to use a $100 EVF that I already own. Right? Right?.................... Help me out here please. Right?

Yes, you can adapt many lenses to the M240. There are limitation though compared to other cameras. The EVF is OK, not great. It can zoom for focus checking, but only at the center focus point. There is a fairly long shutter lag when using live view. It is quite a bit more noticeable than using other mirrorless options. For static subjects not an issue but for dynamic subjects it could be. There is also a fair amount of blackout after taking the shot and the live view coming back.

Not saying you can't do it but if adapted lenses are you main reason for getting one you could do more with less. If this is just a bonus compared to all the other advantages with RF lenses then go for it.

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