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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
Ignore all the tripe about adapting lenses. While many of the fly by night camera-du-jour options like Sony and Fuji can be used, nothing uses M-mount lenses as well as a Leica M camera, and the imaging results with my M-P 240 blew away the results with my Sony A7 so resoundingly I sold the Sony immediately. It's not about the stupid specifications, it's about the imaging.

I have had exactly zero problems with either the M-P 240 or M-D 262. Zero. The Sony locked up about twice a week... Piece of crapola.

Yes, I've been down the adapted road as well. Did not enjoy the experience. Told myself the only way I'll use M lenses on digital is on a digital M. Plus, I strongly dislike EVFs and rear screens.
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