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Originally Posted by vladimir View Post
Ultimately your choice, but I would stay away from any ageing Leica bodies, rangefinders especially. If you have any M mount lenses and want to use them get yourself a Fujifilm X-T3 and a Fujifilm M to X mount adapter. Iíve had bad experience with M9 and M9P, M 240 was trouble free, but I sold it after using it for 2 years to finance SL. The SL has been a trouble free after two years of usage. For travel and walk around I use X-T3.

Taking FF lenses from Leica and putting them on a crop camera radically changes their presentation. I would never, ever do that. I'd but the much cheaper APS-C lenses. Using Leica lenses on a Fuji camera just wastes their amazing corner performances.
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