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Originally Posted by bigeye View Post

It looks like your pictures can be as good as anyone's. My only recommendation is to limit what you post to your very best. It doesn't matter for this forum, but you can produce top-notch pictures and you have enough of them to present only your best, without dilution by your "good, but not great".

- Charlie
Charlie, very appreciate your recommendation. I myself also know which one is my favourite among the series, however, in order to convey a wider view of the land (as I stated Ha Giang), I have or I should post more even though they could dilute the best one as you said. Cheers!

Originally Posted by Peter Wijninga View Post
Very nice photos! I know Vietnam quite well but have mostly spent time in the Southern and Central provinces. The Northern provinces have a very different feel, especially those close to the Chinese border. To me, the photos exemplify the rich diversity you find in Vietnam. My favorites are the first and third photos. Great job OP! I hope you will post more.
Thanks Peter, it seems that the 1st and the 3rd are the best suite to all of your taste! You should visit the North of Vietnam when available, definitely that it has a unique character in comparison to the Central and the South. Cheers!

Originally Posted by iBay View Post
I guess I am not just 'anyone". Most of his pictures (actually all of them) shown here are superb. I would like to see even more.
Thanks, I will post more.

Originally Posted by oftheherd View Post
Vietnam must have changed. Of course, I was only in the Central Highlands and near the DMZ there. Although they tend to be able to communicate with each other fairly well, there are three distinct dialects; Southern, Central, and Northern.

Then there are differences within those. At least in my experience. I had just spent a year in Quang Tri when I was stationed in Da Nang. I had trouble understanding them. As I got better at it, I ran across some cleaning ladies from Hoa Khan (or Khanh). I didn't even recognize them as speaking Vietnamese when I first heard them talking to each other. Eventually I got to where I could mimick them.

But since at least in my experience, all could understand each other, just having to learn regional words, I would tend to agree they can all speak together.

As to the photos, I really enjoyed them. I was curious about their dress. It was not what I was used to in the Central and South. I didn't have much contact with Montagnyards, nor do I know if the people there are montagnyard. Actually, the dress almost seemed more Mongolian. Could you comment on their ethnicity and clothing kiemchacsu?
Originally Posted by EZfan View Post
According to Wikipedia. Aside from the Vietnamese (or Kinh), the most numerous ethnic groups in H Giang are the Ty, the Dao, and the Hmong. Cheers.
As Ezfan already mentioned, Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups which the Kinh (Vietnamese) is the dominant. In Ha Giang, there are H'Mong, Ty, Dao, Nng, L L... in which H'Mong is the dominant with over 30% of the population. In this serie, all of the photos are about the H'Mong ethnic as well as their habitation.
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