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Originally Posted by hans voralberg View Post
Well the OP is Vietnamese and there's little dialect/language variation in Vietnam so I don't think he has much trouble And you'll be surprised how many people can speak English up there as it has become a tourism hotspot in the recent years, although again concentrating mostly in towns rather than the rural areas.
Vietnam must have changed. Of course, I was only in the Central Highlands and near the DMZ there. Although they tend to be able to communicate with each other fairly well, there are three distinct dialects; Southern, Central, and Northern.

Then there are differences within those. At least in my experience. I had just spent a year in Quang Tri when I was stationed in Da Nang. I had trouble understanding them. As I got better at it, I ran across some cleaning ladies from Hoa Khan (or Khanh). I didn't even recognize them as speaking Vietnamese when I first heard them talking to each other. Eventually I got to where I could mimick them.

But since at least in my experience, all could understand each other, just having to learn regional words, I would tend to agree they can all speak together.

As to the photos, I really enjoyed them. I was curious about their dress. It was not what I was used to in the Central and South. I didn't have much contact with Montagnyards, nor do I know if the people there are montagnyard. Actually, the dress almost seemed more Mongolian. Could you comment on their ethnicity and clothing kiemchacsu?
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