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Originally Posted by Wouter View Post
Back to the OP's pics. Don't you see a juxtaposition of, on the one hand, the composition and the use of light and, on the other, the indications of poverty and a harsh life ? I do.
That's just the point - I don't see a harsh life. I ***choose*** to see an idylic village lifestyle and simpler times, albeit lacking in the modern conveniences that we enjoy in the western world. I do see a juxtaposition, but rather than pleasant light-harsh life, I see the juxtaposition of pleasant light-idyllic life, i.e., I see harmony... simpler times of old.

Also, given that the OP is from Hanoi, and I assume, Vietnamese, the location of this village is more or less in his backyard, so I ***choose*** to see a connection between the OP and the villagers, versus a travel curiosity.

Just my $0.02.
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