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Originally Posted by Wouter View Post
Excuse me. What I see is a community of poor people that have a hard time coming by in their 'simple subsistence'. The issue is that these communities are ever more vulnerable in a globalizing context and often draw the short stick. This is something the photoseries might want to express as well. The way the pics are presented romantizes a supposed 'rustic nature' and suggests there is some 'original happiness' or 'satisfaction' that western societies have lost. Just my anthropologist's cup of tea. I like the pics though.
I think that's a highly ethnocentric point of view... Who are we to say that the people in the photos are not actually happy or satisfied?

'simple subsistence' implies measurement against a standard of living. I've never been to North Vietnam (although I hope visit someday), so I would not know whether or not these photos represent simple subsistence or the norm.

I do agree that the photos are excellent.... I never would've guessed Fomapan. Great work!!!
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