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Originally Posted by btgc View Post
Petri 7s looks and feels cheap and yet it has BEST shutter release, it's literally feather-like. Yes, better than Lynx has, not mentioning cameras with heavy-and-slow-moving releases to engage AE levers.

Just use what you have got and they will be good picture takers.
It's nice and smooth, until you wind it with that loud "clunk"! I don't think it seems cheap at all. It seems pretty robust. But, yeah, it seems to have a sharp fast lens and the bokeh looks pretty good too; I need to use it some more before drawing too many conclusions, but my biggest beef with it is its size -- quality-wise, I think it's great. And I don't have to worry about batteries.

I'd rather have an RD or SP more for the newer features and smaller size, but I doubt that the quality difference would amount to much. Well, hard to justify $100. But it seems to me that several months ago, SPs could be had for less than that, so it does seem that the going price has gone up.

I think the demand for certain models just emphasizes that people do value the smaller size of some models. The Petri 7s just isn't going to be popular with its manual metered approach. I don't care for that much myself, as I still make too many errors, but I can see where a more traditional photographer would feel fine with it.

As for the RC, what else is as small, and has both manual and metered (shutter-priority in this case) modes?

Just before I first started looking at rangefinders, apparently Ken Rockwell came out with an article praising the RC. The prices, perhaps coincidentally, went higher. Meanwhile, not seeing KR's article, I read other articles about how cheap the RC was and what a good bang-for-the-buck it was, but yet I didn't see those cheap prices! Four months too late, I guess! But then I picked up and old junky one with some minor flaws for cheap, so it's not so bad. Even crappy-looking cameras can manage to make beautiful photos.

Anyway, there are alternative bang-for-the-buck choices if you are willing to compromise here and there.
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