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Originally Posted by scottgee1 View Post
When I had my SP (which I now regret selling) I used the spot meter all the time. It was accurate and provided what I considered better 'advice' regarding the exposures I chose.

YMMV (and Mablo yours apparently does! )/ScottGee1

BTW, my name is not Earl!
Me too - the spot meter works well.

Incidentally, my Oly RC cost 12 and the SP 25. There used to be many fixed lens RFs coming throught he classifieds at bargain prices, somehwat more Leica/Bessa?Nikon flavour now.

Some of the other less glamorous/cheaper cameras to look out for: Olympus 35LC, Vivitar 35ES (my favourite), Konica Auto S2, Canonet 25, Petri 7S, many Minolta Himatics.
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