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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Here's an arbitrage idea:

* Sell your 35RD for $150+ (see this listing)
* Buy a LEICA LTM cheap (see here )

I did that back in 2004 to finance a Leica IIIf - which I still use. In my case I sold an Olympus 35SP, which I miss and a 35RD.

With regards to fixed lens RF's - you are essentially buying a lens that happens to have a body attached.

With regards to the Oly 35SP - you are buying an outstanding lens that puts most older Leitz and Zeiss glass to shame with regards to resolution and contrast - which is great for color. In fact, the negs can have too much contrast for my taste. You really have to be aware of the lighting.

For B/W prints - I definitely prefer the older Leitz, Zeiss and Rodenstock lenses.

If you are counting dollars and nothing else - a friend purchased a Nikon FE2 with a so, so AI 50/1.8 for a $150 last summer.
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