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Originally Posted by Pickett Wilson View Post
I'm with Chris and others. An SLR is a much better value if you want a fast lens. I can't figure out why these old '70's RF's have become overpriced cult cameras.
Mine cost a fraction of the price of a corresponding SLR or Leica lens, at current low used prices - and there is nothing wrong with a cheap, limited but optically uncompromised camera. At current high prices, matters are of course different - anybody who needs a camera (rather than the umpteenth toy) and buys a Olympus SP at full current rate rather than a F4, RB67 or any other of the serious pro cameras you can now get for the same budget has either been talked into something stupid or is none too smart!

Originally Posted by Pickett Wilson View Post
Back when they were new (yeah, I'm old and remember that time) no serious photographer would have been caught dead with one. Mom and pop snapshot cameras.
That was in the days when the cult of the SLR was as much a religious belief as digital is right now, and when even carrying a Leica would make you the butt end of many jokes. By the eighties, many pros were toying around in public with XA's or Rollei 35's, and the mju generation of AF compacts pretty much put an end to compacts being associated with retards.
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