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I like the compact size of my Trip and RC.

When I took street pictures, nobody felt threatened by it, it was as small as a large handphone. Carrying a SLR around made the target very self-conscious, the size and shape of the SLR meant serious photography to many of the folks being photographed. (see this for an example of my RC: ).

In many establishments, there is some sort of policy that camera's aren't allowed, somehow the Oly 35xx are exempted while SLR tend to be picked on (of course, this is my opinion only )

Anyway, I'll add one more option to my first post, which is to look for a Sub-2 Rangefinder, of course the G-III comes to mind, and thanks for the suggestion, I will also check out the " Yashica Lynx, 5000 or 14 and the Petri 7s".

I took my Summicron / Leicaflex to mortons bar a month ago, the exposures were too dark, even at f2 and 15 seconds. So instead of C-41 ISO 400, I recently put in a kodak 3200 ISO film (t-max ?) into my Trip to test it out. Too early to tell when I'll use up the roll.

Any other comments on other Rangfinder (GIII ?) vs my precious RC ?

(ps. i am a newbie, 3 months ago I thought Canon was a printer company that sold cameras, now I mess around with curtain pinhole tests with my FSU LTM, and my camera collection has ballooned)
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