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Originally Posted by Glenn2 View Post
On the way back from my last trip to India, everything got scanned at Heathrow.
They must have thought I looked suspicious as I then got my bag swabbed and checked for bomb residue with a GC-mass spectrometer. I’m a retired research chemist so found it quite interesting. Of course they found nothing, but wonder if all the cassettes of exposed film loose in a zip lock bag looked unusual to them?

I’ve always been taking film out of the box to make inspection easier, not sure this helps.

I'm also a retired research chemist and spent end September/early October in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia with a pair of Leica M's and a Rolleiflex.

No problem with TSA leaving the US with the cameras and 60 rolls of film (equally divided between 35mm and 120 in transparent plastic food storage boxes); didn't draw comment or a need for further inspection. If it should matter to anyone, I shot all of the film while my wife made oodles of exposures on a Fuji X100F; her work puts mine to shame.

In Zagreb, leaving Croatia, the local TSA did a wipe and analysis on one of the film container boxes; two minute courteous delay. Back in the US, at Newark, same thing. The Newark TSA guy did express some admiration for the Rollei. Another two minute delay and scarcely worth mentioning.

The film was all B&W, TriX and FP4/120. No evidence at all for fogging by TSA.

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