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I don't really get on with super wide lenses. I have owned a 15 and sold it years ago and gave my last 21 away to a young photographer for use on his M3. In fact, I gave serious thought to just taking the X100F as Its technology leaves any Leica behind, especially for flash fill and autofocus. I love the jpegs from the Fuji for Acros and Classic Chrome.

The Bare Bones Bag will be hold my daily shooting kit which could be the Leica and a couple lens or the X100f. I just returned from a month of scuba diving in the Philippines and used the BBB and X100 daily. The BBB is waterproof and just the right size to hold a camera and collapsed umbrella. Oh, July is rainy season in PI.

My itenerary is flexible but am looking at more time in the Philippines follow by Singapore overland to Thailand and then a couple weeks in Vietnam. From SE Asia, l am thinking a month in India then Jerusalem and then northwest Europe and a long walk in Scotland back to USA toward late March in time to do my taxes. Then, I may jump on one of my motorcycles and head toward Panama or Tierra del Fuego as I know I will be riding to Alaska with friends next June.
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