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Gear for Around the World Trip
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Gear for Around the World Trip

I am leaving for a six month or longer trip around the world in less than two weeks. Just for fun I thought I would list the gear going along and some thoughts. Now, I hope to travel for six months with just carry on buying winter clothes later in Europe. If I could I would take film and digital but that is not practical given the carry on goal.

Anyway, I will be taking my MP240 and FujiX100f as a backup. I am taking a 25f2.8 Zeiss, 50f1.1 Nokton and 90f2.8 Tele Elmarit. 35 is my favorite focal length but I will be relying on the Fuji for that focal length. I will take both a 1.25 viewfinder magnifier and EVF to help with the 50f1.1. Additionally, my 45 year old Domke F2 and a Bare Bones Bag. The Domke will do double duty holding cameras and electronics as my carry on. Finally, a gorilla pod and small flash which works great with X100.

Now, I tend to want to spend money on equipment thinking some new lens or gadget will make me a better photographer or solve a nonexistent problem. I almost bought the new 50f1.2 Nokton and a Billingham Hadley Pro. I have owned the 50f1.1 for awhile but use my 50 Summicon due to size and the Billingham would be nice but the Domke works just fine and I have $1500 toward travel by not buying toys
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