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Tiltall arrived this morning.

What a BEAST! I love it. It’s actually tall enough without using center column. Perfect!

Road worn is a understatement... lol it’s got heavy wear in ever place possible including one of the small column knobs having a good bend to it. In desperate need of new feet and a thorough cleaning.... probably some paint too!

I’ve already got a set of rubber feet I’m going to mess around with on the lathe and see what comes of it. The same 3/4 white rubber tips found at Homedepot btw.

The final price breakdown:
10.50$ initial postage for sending box to seller
25.00$ listed price for tripod
24.95$ final postage for tripod getting to me
60.45$ TOTAL (+ 1.98$ for the new feet)

Ill call that a OK deal me and well worth it for the quality of leg.
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