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Which lens for Fuji GFX R
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Which lens for Fuji GFX R

I checked out the new GFX R at B&H yesterday. They have one for display but aren't getting any stock for a few weeks.

I'm pretty much set on buying one with one of the lens deals. So I'm trying to decide between the 45 and 63, or possibly the zoom. These are the 3 offered as a kit.

My last medium format experiences have been with a Mamiya 6 and a Mamiya 7. When I had the 6 the only lens I owned was the 75 which is approximately a 50mm and I was very happy with it. With the 7 I had the 65 which was about 32mm equivalent and then the 150 which is like a 70mm.

I found myself wanting a normal 50mm (80mm in 6 x7) but never got around to buying one.

For whatever reason although I shoot mostly 28 or 35 in fullframe, in medium format, I gravitate to a longer lens.

Using it mostly for travel, slow street and landscape. No portraiture. Nothing fast moving.

I've read some reviews and people seem to really like the 45 but haven't found much good or bad on the 63. I saw one review where someone said to skip the 63mm because it was kinda blah.

Obviously a personal choice but wondering if anyone with experience with these lenses could chime in.

I wouldn't be opposed to the zoom which is supposed to be an excellent zoom but after years of shooting Leica rangefinders, I don't really see that way. Usually I have one lens on my camera and I get to know that focal length and anticipate how it will work. Sure I could adjust to the zoom but my brain doesn't really work that way. Also looking for compact and light.

They are coming out with a new, small, 50mm (about 40mm equivalent) which I would probably get if out now, but figure I want to take advantage of the lens deal.

Will probably add a longer lens at some point but not for awhile.
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