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This is from a personal viewpoint, not anything objective.

I own the X-Pro1, X-T1 and X100S. All very different cameras. All very good. I don't intend to get rid of any of them.

Do you like EVFs? I never did. Until I got an the X-T1. It's the best I've ever used...certainly one of the nicest around, big and bright and sharp as a tack. It handles quickly, feels small (it's actually smaller than the X-Pro models) and produces excellent files. The X-T1 also is shaped more like an SLR, so if you like that design in a camera, X-T1 it is.

Do you like a fixed lens camera with a separate viewfinder? I never thought I would. Then I got the X100S (interchange X100, X100T, X100F for the "S", they're all pretty much the same external design). It's a joy to use. It's a little smaller than a film Leica M but handles almost the same. The OVF is sweet and the whole thing whispers "simplicity". Of course, it also has an EVF you can switch on or off as needed, like when you need to determine the relationship between close to far subjects. And the files are beautiful. If that appeals to you, the X100/S/T/F it is.

Do you like an interchangeable lens camera with a separate viewfinder? Sorta like rangefinders but rangefinderless? I do. I loved shooting with my film Leicas but I needed AF (poor vision, getting worse) and I wanted digital (but digital Leicas are out of the budget by miles). The X-Pro1 was my first Fuji and I fell in love with the camera and the Fuji concept of camera design. While the X-Pro1 is a little old, don't discount it. It's still a valid design. With firmware updates and using the newer lens designs (like the 23/2 and 35/2), the AF is pretty fast, pretty sensitive and very accurate. It's no sports camera, it's for the photo artist who thinks before making the photo. And, of course, the files you get from it are superb. But the EVF is pretty awful (with my vision, I can't use mine) so I consider it an OVF camera only. Overall, the X-Pro1 is still my favorite Fuji. In my hands, it feels "righter" than anything else. I own two bodies that I use with the 23/2 and 35/2. A lot. If all that appeals to you (and you can accept the limitations), the X-Pro1 it is.

Hope that helps a little.
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