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I guess the right answer is that it depends on yiur intended usage. If you would be happy with the fixed lens (with a wacl and/or tcl as needed) then the x100t is a great choice. It has a leaf shutter and nd filter built-in.

The xpro1 has the original x trans sensor, the x100t and xt1 use x trans ii. The later cameras have more and different film simulations, but the defaults on the xpro1 remind me more of film that the others, for what that's worth.

Presumably you arent intending to use legacy lenses, or you would not be suggesting the x100t. I don't find the xpro1 evf especially good for manual focusing, so the xt1 might be better in that regard.
If you are intending to add longer focal lengths the i suspect the better evf of the xt1 would make that the better choice.

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