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Originally Posted by Hatchetman View Post
That is really really helpful! It turns out I actually have one of those straps (didn't know what it was actually) but the leather is all brittle. I am going to have a new one made. And I agree, that case situation does not look very useful other than for storage in a bag.
Great too know my short and poorly filmed video make sense. I've not done it before, had to shoot and edit it on my iPhone.
I believe the CL has the same design too, even the same design of case. Hope the video can help others make their decisions to get the OEM strap/case or not.
They both are really great cameras, it's sad that they have such bad reputation and most people shy away from them before even give them a try(actually shoot them for a couple of days). M5 was actually my first Leica, and I'm so glad I decided to go against others recommendations.
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