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Strong favorite:

Love these straps. Think they've changed a bit since I bought mine (have two) - but I really love the simplicity, strength, non-scratchiness, and general feel in the hand and over the shoulder of these straps. Always intend to switch all my cameras to these straps, but just haven't got around to it yet.

LEAST favorite - actually straps I really hate and regret buying: the Luigi Leicatime Deluxe straps for Leica M cameras. Bought two of these when I was still drinking the Leica-Forum koolaid on everything expensive and Leica-related.

Things I like about them:
- they are handmade by an artisan in Italy.
Things I hate about them:
- they've tended to fall apart (the glued parts just simply drying out and falling off),
- the extendable metal bits are 'covered' by a piece of leather that's clumsily implemented, and which always rides up to expose the bare metal (vs the paintwork of the camera!).
- the general feel of the leather: it hasn't softened the way that even supposedly 'inferior' leather straps that I bought from one of the China-based 'imitators' that Luigi is always ranting about has done.

Always interested to see how many people love the Luigi straps. When I finally get around to buying some more Lance straps I will throw the one I still have in the garbage.
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