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Originally Posted by Robert Lai View Post
Why not the Leica strap? They have great connectors, are nylon material so they won't break suddenly like leather will, and have a decent pad on them.
I totally agree with this. A great strap and I own several now.

I am also very fond of the inexpensive cloth and nylon strap that came stock with the Vivitar V3800n. One of these is permanently attached to my M-A.

I also love the leather strap attached to my Rolleiflex, made by some famous Italian strap maker whose name escapes my feeble mind right now.

And, believe it or not, the old shoelace strap that came stock with my Pentax K1000. Narrow, very strong and robust (has lasted since 1984), not too slick but moves around on my shoulder easily and is flexible enough not to get in my way when taking photographs.
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