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i also like the artisan and artist acam-102 that was recommended a few posts earlier for a few reasons

For me, a camera strap must be lightweight and breathable and low bulk. Straps that have multiple layers of fabric for adjustment, are made from leather, or are made from thick objects (silk cord or woven leather) are also generally a non-starter for me. The strap must be able to be easily wrapped around the hand for when I dont want it around my neck and also present a minimum amount of bulk for when the camera is inside a bag. I'm also not one for flashy or "unique" straps. I want the most boring looking thing I can find. I also dont like straps with bulky attachment to the camera with clips and extra rings but do require that the strap have some sort of built in protection between the ring and the camera body. In all these areas the ACAM102 excels.

The only couple of areas that the AA strap might fall short is that I think it would be fairly easy for a thief to cut with the right blade and that it might stain your clothes if you're out shooting in the rain with light colored clothing. But ive never had an issue with either.
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