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Originally Posted by John inglis View Post
would be nice to have a forum here with so many knowledgable people.
Short of that this is a great thread
Yes, we are still waiting. All things come to he who waits ...

And Waits ...

Meanwhile, I've been toying with the idea of replacing my Ektagraphic projectors with Leitz RT300s. I have two RT300s so far, holding off buying a third; but I may do that. Directly comparing an Ektagraphic with an RT300, the color is better with the RT300. So why do I hesitate? My Golden Navitar Perspective Control lenses will not fit in the narrow tunnel of the RT300. I could use my Schneider PC lenses, but they are still tricky to adjust inside the lens tunnel. Not impossible, but tricky. A little sheet metal work with a tinsnips might solve the problem. But do I really want to do that to an RT300? One other thing: I would have to build yet another projector stand. But I think I'm going to do that.

From a sound level standpoint, they are about even. The Ektagraphic makes more noise when changing slides, but has a quieter fan. You can change bulbs in the RT300 without disturbing the position of the projector. Overall, I think the RT300 wins.
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