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Originally Posted by AZPhotog View Post
I have a Leitz CA 2500 for 35mm and would like to find a good quality projector for MF 6 X 6.

If I can locate a good projector, I intend to start shooting Velvia transparency in my Hasselblad 503CX.

Doing some research shows that although no one seems to mount MF slides any longer, actual slide holders, both glassed and non-glassed, are available from a larger eastern photo store.

Yes - I would be interested in a Projector Forum.
I have used both the Hasselblad PCP80 projector, and a Rollei MF projector. Both are good. The Hasselblad has a perspective control lens, and its rotary tray has a larger capacity. The Rollei takes a more compact, easier to store tray.

One of these days, maybe the mods will see their way clear to our own forum!
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