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A projection subforum makes a lot of sense. It could be set up to include all manner of displayed image systems (large screen digital, digital projection, analog projection, ???).

I used to project slides rather often. But with digital and all..... Anyway, I kept my projector (Kodak carousel 650H or something like that) and just a few trays. I donated the remaining 10-20 carousels to the local thrift store. I needed the space and I haven't shown slides for a while now.

Now, I actually like the idea of projecting again from time to time (obviously, I kept the projector and a few trays), but I'm not enamored with the quality of my projection. I'm fairly certain this is because of the lens. I've never attempted to locate a better lens for my projector because I don't know where to start.

Are there standard "mounts" for projector lenses? Can I actually use a high quality lens on my lowly Kodak 650H? Assuming I could find such a thing, are there nice Schneider, Zeiss, Leitz, etc. lenses that I could use instead of the Kodak whatever that came with my projector? What would I look for. Where to start?

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