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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
Well right, but Master Printers work with great artists I would imagine and most likely have the resources to make the job as easy as possible. I worked for a crap studio that gave me negatives that ran the spectrum from way too thin to dense as f. I thought I knew how to print well...I quickly figured out that I only knew how to print my work well.

On a side note, C-41 / E-6 is a bit more consistent in how negatives / positives are developed vs. the range of options for B&W development. While the color development process for film was more consistent, the thing with color printing that was different was that a certain color balance could be consistent through a box of paper if you used the same film. If you used various films, you'd have different color balances to deal with which was, for me, a pain.
John and others make the point that I would likely suck printing other people's work, I don't denigh that.

My hat is off to those that are forced to rescue images.

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