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Originally Posted by photomoof View Post
Sure they will.

I have hung around with some great photographers, and learned so much. When I was in grad school a well known photographer invited me and others working on a project to stay in his studio in NYC. I learned about photo possibilities which would never have occurred to me without his "free" advice and instruction. He introduced me to his friends, was very generous.

For years, while in school, I hung out with a commercial photographer who loaned me equipment and gave me Tri-X for helping him shoot pro football. Not "free" I guess, but a good deal for a lot of teaching. First Leica I ever used, first view camera, and a large pro lab, mine whenever I wanted it. First news photos published.

I never learned more than in visits to studios and labs of pros. And it has never stopped.

Has no one mentored you?
I have attended the lectures of some magnum members here in Toronto, during Contact Photo festival. what I learned from these lectures was a simple answer to all my photography-related questions, put into words by Alex Webb, "your only teacher is your own photos".
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