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Originally Posted by calebarchie View Post
Cal, I have tried lots of different digital negative processes, from Ron Reeder to Mark Nilson to Dan Burkholder and many more. Using PS curves, QTR ink curves, blocking colours etc etc which they all work well for alt process but not so much for silver.

Currently I employ Rosenburgs process which I find is the best for silver from all my testing. It is definitely a bit more complex and nuanced but offers a lot of advantages and a great deal more control in the process.

Since it is linear also I combine it with split-grade filtering for even more control without having to reprint the negative for minor adjustments. My setup is simple, I have an old epson r1800 (restored with piezoflush) with the standard ink set - the 1.5 picolitre droplets it offers works wonders for digital negatives. I also should have a drum scanner coming soon, have not used Cones ink-set yet but I imagine it would only improve results but for now I'm doing just fine, maybe when I have the space to get a larger printer.

Photomoof, for the digital negative route I find you must be pretty well versed in digital editing/photography in general. It is rather a steep learning curve and even more so if you have a hard time with digital.
So you're making a negative from an inkjet printer is it?
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