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Originally Posted by Lauffray View Post
This is an idea I've been thinking about for a while. I've been printing on my own for almost a year now and I've read some books and experimented and I feel I'm hitting a plateau in that area. I strongly believe in learning from others, not necessarily copying their methods but at least being exposed to other ways of doing/thinking, questioning and adapting those methods to my own.

Are there any experienced printers who wouldn't mind being shadowed as they work and bombarded with questions ? Preferably in town but maybe also NYC as I travel there quite often (or used to at least)
I had a look at your flickr account and your photos seem very popular with 20+ favorites for some of them. And i assume those photos are scans of prints.

Continue to do whatever you're doing and forget about shadowing anyone, because no one is going to teach you for free. And by free I don't mean money only.
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